Terra Ignis - Wild Fermentation

Fermented foods foraged from the land

Bringing Ireland's own fermentation culture to life.

Terra Ignis is a fermentation food company based in the historical English Market in Cork city centre. Created by a former chef and mixologist that wanted to combine their passions for nature, creativity and taste into one unique expression, and thus Terra Ignis was born, a celebration of the landscape through the language of fermentation.

With an abundance of incredible plants grown and foraged locally and using a variety of age old processes to harness the probiotic goodness and spectacular flavour, Terra Ignis produce an array of fermented products packed full of probiotic life and benefits.

Product Series

Join us as we take a deep dive into our wild fermented products. We'll take you through a new product each week and explore each one from thought process to production.

This week we'll take a look at one of our original products which is still a best seller 2 years on -

Oak Bark Fermented Ketchup

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