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Fermentation Workshop 6th November 2023

Fermentation Workshop 6th November 2023

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What is it?
Quite simply, a group of 6 humans create ferments and share them. Food is transformed by the process of fermentation not by an individual organism, but a group. By its very essence, fermentation is a community experience and we humans merely facilitate this. Yet, fermentation has shaped cultures the world over, and is a more social process than it first appears. Let's get together and ferment.

What you get
A workshop with Linda and Ivo where you will learn about the world of fermentation
A demonstration on how to craft 3 different ferments
Ingredients and equipment to make 6 portions of a ferment randomly assigned to you
A comprehensive follow up with the group throughout the process
Sharing your ferment with the collective and getting 5 ferments from the other people in the group

Location: L'atitude, Union Quay, Cork City
Cost: €75
Date: 6th November 2023, 6 to 8pm


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